Frequently Asked Questions

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How heavy is a container?

A 20’ container is approximately 2.2 tonnes in weight.

How are they delivered?

We use a third party to deliver all our containers by means of a lorry mounted crane. Please make sure that you have sufficient room to facilitate the delivery. If you have any concerns regarding access to your site or any potential issues en-route please contact us to discuss them with us.

What kind of base is required?

The site must be firm and level, ideally of concrete or hardcore. However, the containers can be sited on grass provided the lorry will not have to drive on soft ground to gain access.

What kind of support do they need?

Due to the construction of the containers all the support that is required is a concrete block at each corner.

Are they secure?

Padlocks can be fitted through the door handles making the container secure but for extra security we offer our boxes with lock boxes and high security CISA locks.

What colour will it be?

Usually we have blue and green in stock. A variety of other colours are available from time to time.

When I have finished with it how much notice do I need to give?

We charge on a daily basis and require a minimum notice of 14 days.